Aims and scope

Cahiers Agricultures is a - mainly - French language scientific journal on world farming systems, how they are changing and their role in society. It is aimed at all those – researchers, field workers, teachers – who are interested in a holistic reflection on the agricultural world. The journal also publishes papers in English when written by authors from English speaking countries.

Cahiers Agricultures gives priority to research on agriculture as implemented by farmers, that has meaning for citizens in countries in the North and South, as opposed to research work conducted in a controlled environment (laboratory, research center, etc.). Research of this type is often multidisciplinary and takes into account the knowledge and know-how of the different stakeholders. The different parties are also actively involved in research, alongside the scientists. In this way, the journal stimulates debate on issues linked to society, such as the impact of using water and nitrogen fertilisers, peri-urban farming, fish farming, livestock production in rural areas, food security, etc.