Editorial Process

Editorial Committee

Editorial decisions and editorial processes are run by the editorial board of the journal. The editorial board is committed to ensuring the quality of the publication and that what is reported is ethical, accurate and relevant to the journal.

Board members have full independence and are not dictated to or influenced by any factors (political, commercial, etc.). Their decision to accept or reject a paper for publication is based only on the merits of the work, the relevance to the journal, and the opinion of external reviewers.

When errors are found, the editorial board promotes publication of corrections or retraction.

A Scientific Committee supervises the Journal quality and orientation.

Peer Review

All published articles are peer reviewed.

Journals' policy is to use double-blind peer review (both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process) and multiple reviewers.

Reviews should be conducted by expert referees, who have been requested to provide unbiased and constructive comments aimed, whenever possible, at improving the work.

Editors take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the materials they publish.

Authors should use the electronic submission system powered by Editorial Manager.