Cahiers Agricultures

Cahiers Agricultures is a - mainly - French language scientific journal on world farming systems, how they are changing and their role in society. It is aimed at all those – researchers, field workers, teachers – who are interested in a holistic reflection on the agricultural world.

Cahiers Agricultures is a “Diamond” Open access journal; all papers are freely available without subscription or publication fees for authors as it is sponsored by CIRAD and IRD.

Most read articles

Information spatiale et approches territoriales du développement, du diagnostic à la médiation / Spatial information and territorial approaches to development, from diagnosis to mediation. Coordonnateurs : Jérémy Bourgoin, Flavie Cernesson, Elodie Valette
Open Access
Article de recherche / Research Article

Produire, partager et renforcer l’usage des données : défis et enseignements tirés des observatoires des grandes acquisitions foncières

Cah. Agric., 32 (2023) 30
Recent articles (published in the past 5 years)
Agriculture et services écosystémiques dans les pays du Sud. Coordonnateurs : Georges Serpantié, Philippe Méral, Fano Andriamahefazafy, Jean-Christophe Castella, Malyne Neang
Open Access
Article de synthèse / Review Article

Ecosystem services and disservices associated with pastoral systems from Patagonia, Argentina – A review

Cah. Agric., 30 (2021) 43